We can thank our professional ethos and the steadfast character of the Triebaumers for the fact that we were making fantastic red wines in 1985/86 - and a very special Mariental. For us it was just confirmation of what we had know all along, but for Austrian wines it was a giant step. And now the word is coming cull circle. The whole era of industrialisation passed us by, and we took no part. Now, when people are turning back to hand-made wines, we are still there.

You can´t really label our pigeonhole, but we call our business philosopy unconventional, Greening, grazing, selective hand-picking, careful protection of grapes, juice and wine, sponaeous fermentation, ageing in wooden vessels of between 300 und 5000 litres, thes are all givens. Along with the two native varities Blaufränkisch and Blauburgunder we are also keen on Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. We need them to widen our potential to suit different soils and sites specific working requirements.

2016 Blaufränkisch Rusterberg   0.75L
rich aroma leaping out of the glass: blackcurrants, cherries and dogwood with hints of lavender and spruce, an impressive, deep, dark red, balanced in character, focused and taut
2015 Blaufränkisch Gmärk   0.75L
unfiltered - red dark morello cherry aromatic, with the ethereal spiciness of rosemary it glides ruby red and juicy over the palate to a rich, toasty finish, a vigorous, vibrant wine still in the starting blocks of its career
2015 Tridendron   0.75L
unfiltered - exuberant scents of bilberry, jostaberries (a blackcurrant-gooseberry cross), powidl (a jam-like plum spread), ivy, yarrow and juniper, within a framework of gingerbread and cinnamon, self-assured, dark, juicily full-bodied, with velvety-ripe tannins
2015 Blaufränkisch Oberer Wald   0.75L
unfiltered, happy, pampered grapes make their majestic entrance in the glass, raspberries and sweet and sour cherries enveloped in dark chocolate with hibiscus flowers, profound and expressive, with an elegant, intense and harmonious finish
2015 Maulwurf   0.75L / 1.5L
unfiltered - stocky, firm and powerful, with aromas of rosehip, ripe cherries, sloes, redcurrants, caramel and a pinch of tobacco, generous and simultaneously demanding, tannins in perfect balance, zingy acidity, a luscious wine that leaves behind a long, dreamy echo
2015 Syrah Hammelwerk   0.75L
unfiltered - confit of berries; blackcurrants, red goseberries, berberis and sour cherries, wild thyme and ivy leaves lend a herby spiciness, with hints of leather, mysterious and turbulent, it lies in wait like the eye of a storm mysterious and wild, it lies in wait like a cat ready to pounce. deeply and characterful, fruity finish
2015 Blauburgunder Rusterberg   0.75L / 1.5L
unfiltered - there´s a whiff of the stable as befits a true Pinot Noir! Combined with overtones of rose petals, forest raspberries, cinnamon and wild mushrooms, thrilled, we lean back and drink with an inner smile, true promise for the future
2013 Cabernet Merlot   0.75L / 1.5L
unfiltered - grapy freshness brings forth black tea and leather, unadulterates and incredibly appealing, blackcurrants and blueberries complete the elegant whole
2014 Blaufränkisch Oberer Wald & Mariental   0.75L / 1.5L
unfiltered - the heigh of precision this cool vintage, juniper, berberis, sloes and dogwood reveal a tasteful, long-lived work of art, athletic, light footed, vibrant already, and promising ongoing charisma for centuries, pure elegance!