The delicious dry white wines of Rust deserve to be much better know! They come from vines planted predominantly on primary rock near the lake so as also to be to produce grapfes for the worlds famous Ruster Ausbruch sweet wines, when conditions permit. The dry whites are characterful and complex. Never irrigated, always fermented with native yeasts, they have fun during their childhood and puberty and stay on their yeasts less right up until they are yound adults, and only then are they ready for bottling.

The range starts with the Gelber Muskateller, full of primary fruit, on then to the Grüner Veltliner, a secret success in our region, then to a rich Sauvignon Blanc and the meticulously barrel-fermented Chardonnay Pandkräftn. All show the full potential of their individual vineyards sites.

2017 Rose   0.75L
a whiff of redcurrant, rhubarb, blackcurrant and woodland berries, floras notes play around the nostrils, rose and meadow flowers, its crisp, fresh character sounds a gentle, appealing note of tension.
2016 Chardonnay Bandkräftn   0.75L
fine, interwined scents of medlars, caramel, peach nectar, pears, thyme and fresh hay, full of personality, from creamy to salty-mineral, tension and power, with a punchy finish.
2016 Grüner Veltliner   0.75L
Quince, pineapple, aromatic melon and flowers - meadow, violets, hibiscus and fennel - all of these define its thrilling character, add some hints of smoke, Mediterranean spice and gentle sweetness caress the palate on a charming finish.
2016 Chardonnay ausgetrunken   0.75L
quince jam, ripe apples, pears and pineapple plump out the lush Baroque figure of this wine, a subtle sweetness and delicate nuances of celery add thrill to the finish.
2017 Gelber Muskateller Greiner   0.75L
intense elderflower aromas are enveloped in a waft of quince, caramel and dandelion, refreshing and lively with its brisk, racy acidity and mineral charm, lean and elegant, it simply slips down.
2017 Sauvignon Blanc Vogelsang   0.75L
pineapple and melon invite a yellow pepper for a dance, ginger arrives and adds yet another ingredient to the flavour frenzy, the balanced interplay of sweet sharp spice creates true precision on the finish.